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How to Use HTML Emails to Increase Your Conversion Rates by Up to 300%

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Use HTML emails to increase conversion
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One of the best methods for advertising your company online is email marketing. However, it can occasionally be difficult to get people to open, read, and respond to your emails.

What’s an email marketing conversion rate?

We need to establish a few definitions before we can discuss strategy. What does it mean, exactly, that this article is all about email conversion rates? 

The proportion of subscribers who finish a desired action from a campaign is your email conversion rate, put simply. 

Using last year’s Super Bowl email campaign as an example, you sent out 50,000 emails, 600 of which bounced, leaving 49,400 of them delivered. You generated 3000 sales from those delivered emails.

As per this conversion rate formula, the conversion rate for the Super Bowl email campaign of 6%.

Use this simple formula to determine your conversion rate.

So, what constitutes a good email conversion rate?

According to the type of email sent, a good email conversion rate ranges from one to five percent. While abandoned cart emails may convert at a rate of 5 percent or higher, content marketing newsletters, for instance, have a conversion rate of around 1 percent. Of course, keep in mind that a “good conversion rate” is arbitrary and can change greatly depending on your company’s objectives and marketing strategies.

What are HTML emails and why use them?

The interactive, eye-catching, and highly customizable nature of HTML emails makes them ideal for engaging in conversation with customers. They’re also incredibly simple to make and send; in fact, they’re so simple that they might completely change the way you advertise your company.

Here we will discuss why HTML emails are the ideal tool to boost your email marketing campaigns. In addition, we’ll give you some pointers and tricks to help you start producing eye-catching HTML emails that will boost your conversion rate by as much as up to 300%.

Tips for optimizing your HTML emails for campaign success

Design Professional and Mobile-Friendly HTML Emails

HTML emails are the way to go if you want to step up your email game. You’ll be able to produce expert-looking emails that enthrall and benefit your readers. Additionally, you can make sure that HTML emails look great on all devices, not just desktop computers, by using this format. Particularly in the era of mobile technology, this is crucial. More than half of all emails are opened on a mobile device, so making sure your email looks great on all devices will help you maximize readership and boost conversions.

With HTML email coding, your email will not only look fantastic but you will also have more control over how it is displayed. You can alter the text’s colors, fonts, and images for maximum impact, giving you the creative freedom to make sure your message is clearly understood. You’ll be able to interact with your audience more effectively through personalization and interactive content like surveys and polls to ensure that they turn into devoted readers who return frequently. All of these factors work together to boost reader engagement, which in turn improves conversion rates for your company.

Use Responsive Design for the Best Viewing Experience Across All Devices

Sending emails alone is insufficient in the modern era. Make sure they display beautifully on all devices. You must use a responsive design to ensure that your email is optimized for use on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices alike. With responsive design, the email template can change its layout to fit the size and type of the device being used. In spite of the viewer’s device or browser, your HTML emails will always be presented in the best possible way thanks to this. 

You can make sure your crucial messages are consistently conveyed in an engaging manner by using HTML coding to create a template that functions across various platforms.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that different formats on different devices can significantly impact conversion rates when thinking about responsive design for your email template. 

Use a fully responsive email template system to increase your email conversions by up to 300 percent. This demonstrates how helpful this technology can be for enhancing user experience and maximizing performance with your HTML emails.

Include compelling CTAs and images

Did you know that including images and calls-to-action (CTAs) in HTML, emails can significantly increase conversion rates? And we’re not talking about any old image or CTA either.

Making sure you use high-quality visuals that are tailored to the function of the email is crucial when it comes to HTML emails. Here are some pointers for making sure your visuals and CTAs effectively engage your readers.

Visually stunning Images

When compared to a text-only email, high-quality photos, and images will catch the reader’s eye and help them understand the message. Focus on an image that is pertinent to your message when choosing one; this will help your audience stay on task and make sure they act on your CTA.

High-impacting Call-To-Action (CTA)

Consider the CTA as a way to encourage readers to click on it. Keep it succinct but descriptive, making sure to specify precisely what they’ll receive when they click. For instance, if you’re offering a discount code that will save customers 10%, be sure to mention that in the CTA with the words “Get 10% Off With This Code!”.

You can boost conversion rates in HTML emails by up to 300 percent by utilizing excellent visuals and well-written CTAs. So don’t let this chance pass you by; start using HTML emails right away and benefit from these fantastic returns!

Keep Your Emails Short and Scannable

Brevity is essential in email marketing. The quick and effective transmission of your message should be your aim. Because of this, it’s crucial to make your emails concise and easy to read.

Make it short and crisp

To avoid readers having to read through a lengthy email just to get the gist of it, keep your emails brief and to the point. Introduce the features, advantages, and benefits in the first line or two to get right to the action. Then, if more information is required, provide it. However, keep your sentences brief and to the point because readers are more likely to retain your message when reading shorter sentences.

Attention-Grabbing Subheadings

By dividing the text into manageable chunks, subheadings can also make your emails simpler to scan. This will make it easier for readers to identify important points in your email when they are skimming it.

Bullets and Listicles

Every time you can, use bullets and lists to help your points stand out more on the page and be simpler for readers to understand at a glance.

You’ll be on your way to higher conversion rates if you use these suggestions for keeping your HTML emails succinct and easy to scan!

Increase Engagement by Using Personalization (beyond the First Name).

Up to 300 percent more conversions can be achieved by personalizing your emails. You can increase the sense of connection and engagement between the recipient and you and your business by personalizing the look and feel of an email.

To make it simpler to personalize emails, try the following techniques.

Optimal use of customer data

Utilizing customer information in your emails enables personalization, strengthening your relationship with the customer. You can personalize every email you send by using information such as names, birthdays, interests, locations, and more.

Insert images

People are drawn in by images, which add variety and interest beyond simple text. They also aid in grabbing readers’ interest, increasing the likelihood that they will interact with your content. Additionally, by including eye-catching images in your emails, you’re more likely to boost your campaigns’ click-through rates (CTR).

Keep content relevant

Making sure that every piece of content in your emails is pertinent to your audience is the best way to keep customers interested. Every piece of content should be as distinctive as possible for each customer so that they can tell it was written specifically for them rather than being distributed to a large number of people from a pre-made template.

You can increase customer engagement while still investing the time and effort necessary to ensure each HTML email is personalized – follow these best practices for HTML email personalization.

Track Your Email Analytics to Improve Future Campaigns

Tracking your HTML emails and analyzing the data is a great way to improve your conversion rates and make sure that your emails are having the desired effect.

How to track if people are reading your emails with email analytics? 

By tracking metrics like open rate, click-through rate, engagement, unsubscribes, and conversion rate, you can gain valuable insight into how successful your campaigns are. This information can help you figure out what works and what doesn’t—and make improvements to future campaigns so that you can increase your conversion rates up to 300%.

The good news is that it’s easy to keep track of your email analytics. Most email marketing services have built-in analytics that allows you to track the performance of each email campaign. Several Email Service Providers (ESP) like MailChimp and marketing automation platforms (MAP) feature detailed email marketing analytics and reporting tools that will let you monitor your HTML emails with email opens, clicks, unsubscribes, bounce rates, and other metrics. Thus, you can analyze and optimize your email campaign performance by your specific set of metrics and campaign goals.

Using the right set of email analytics, you can gain valuable insights and control over how successful your email campaigns are. So, it’s always important to track your HTML emails to maintain high email conversion rates.


By using HTML emails to improve your conversion rates, you can increase user engagement, gain more leads, and boost your overall revenue. If you take the time to craft an effective HTML email that looks professional, it will instantly capture your reader’s attention and make them more likely to take action.

To truly increase your conversion rates, focus on how you are delivering content within the emails. Create dynamic emails that address the needs of your target audience, use custom images, and make sure to include a strong call-to-action. By utilizing these tactics, you will be well on your way to seeing your conversion rates skyrocket up to 300% or more.

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