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4 Tips to Enhance Your MarTech Stack Assessment

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A good Martech stack is the key to an efficient automation process. It helps you manage your assets, report on your funnel, and make future revenue decisions. As a marketer, your Martech stack will grow in complexity as you advance in your job. Eventually, it won’t be easy to track whether everything is okay with your Martech stack. Here, we will look at four tips that will help you boost your Martech stack assessment.

Check if everything is going well with your present stack

Asking the right questions will help you determine whether your Martech stack is working well for you. Check for unused tools and assess if any new tools have replaced the existing ones. Assess if your current stack can handle your workload and collect the necessary data for smooth operation.

Ensure you genuinely want to add or remove tools from your Martech Stack

The market is full of Martech tool vendors, claiming that their tool is the best fit for your organization. Ask yourself if a particular tool is going to enhance your work process and can scale up things as you need. Without a proper RFP process, you may buy tools you don’t even really require. Also, before deleting a tool from your stack, ensure it brings no value to your system and only incurs maintenance costs.

Make sure your stack is up-to-date and equipped with all necessary tools to manage your workload.

Choose which teams should be involved in the assessment process

Marketing operations affect many teams, such as sales and IT, and therefore these teams must be involved in the assessment process for a company’s Martech Stack. The following teams must be included in this process:

  • MOPS team, MOPS leaders
  • The Events team and leaders
  • Finance team
  • IT team
  • The legal team for discussing all the legal compliances.

You can remove or add team members to the above list depending on the nature and size of your organization.

Set up a written technology evaluation process

A written document will help you avoid obstacles and shiny objects on your marketing journey. Following are some recommendations for the evaluation process whenever you need to enforce a new tool for your Martech Stack:

  • Set up an approval team to review each step of the approval process.
  • Document your submission process for new tools in your Martech Stack.
  • A set of questions for the team to consider.
  • Teams that would be involved in the process.
  • Is the requester capable of understanding the level of work?
  • How can one modify the existing processes and analyze the level of work?
  • Is this change at the automation level or the process level?
  • What should be the correct ‘revenue spend’ on a vendor?

In conclusion, optimizing your MarTech stack is essential for seamless automation and efficient decision-making. As the complexity of your stack evolves vigilant assessment becomes necessary. Key takeaways include evaluating existing tools, scrutinizing additions/removals, involving pertinent teams, and establishing a structured evaluation process. By adhering to these steps, you’ll ensure your MarTech stack remains aligned with your needs, enhancing productivity and revenue outcomes.

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